Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Eco Choice Award Winner Is....

By The Eco Committee

In March we noted that the following post would announce the winner of the Eco Choice Award from the IP Expo.  Without further ado we would like to congratulate Sherwin-Williams!  They are so dedicated to sustainability that they have instituted EcoVision, a company-wide commitment to develop and implement ways to reduce their impact on the environment through conservation, innovation, accountability, respect and responsibility.  Here are a few specifics worthy of recognition.

  • Most Comprehensive line of coatings that comply with LEED, CARD, OTC, SCAQMD, CHPS, NAHB, GGHC and other green guidelines and regulations.

  • As a member of the Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Leaders Program, Sherwin-Williams has adopted a multi-site, corporate ISO 14001 certification program at major manufacturing and distribution sites to ensure they meet International Environmental Standards.

  • Many Sherwin-Williams facilities are undergoing a lighting upgrade designed to reduce carbon emissions by over 14,000 tons per year.

  • An EcoMet database at each of their major facilities tracks five major sustainability metrics- production, energy, natural resources, waste and recycling- and provides a clear and consistent process for measuring sustainable practices.

  • For greater efficiency in plant operations, they're implementing manufacturing procedures that focus on waste reduction, recycling and zero discharge processes.

  • Their new energy efficient manufacturing facilities include maintenance-free landscaping, UV reflecting glazing on windows, heat reflective roofing and maximized natural lighting.

  • To reduce the carbon footprint of their vast fleet of trucks, they have experimented with biodiesel fuels and noise-reducing auxiliary power units.  They have implemented sophisticated software that allows them to plan delivery routes for maximum efficiency.

  • They are investing in research and development of advanced coatings that use sustainable raw materials such as soybeans and sunflower oils.

  • They are increasing the use of sustainable plastic paint containers, recycled labels and biodegradable shopping bags.