Friday, January 11, 2013

Strand Bamboo

By Amy Ramirez, Eco Committee Member
ReSource Floors, ASID Industry Partner

Bamboo became a popular flooring choice many years ago.  It is wonderfully sustainable, growing quickly and able to be harvested in approximately 5 years.    But then because of poor product quality from the variety of companies popping up all over selling this material it began to get a bad reputation.  In addition, when the only bamboo options were natural or carbonized many designers felt restricted in their vision and opted not to use bamboo even though it was a great ecological option.
These days bamboo comes in a wide array of colors and textures and if purchased from a reliable manufacturer offers a wonderfully durable floor.  One of the most interesting additions to bamboo flooring options is strand bamboo.  Instead of cutting the bamboo reeds horizontally or vertically, the bamboo is ripped down into strands and then compressed with an adhesive mixture into a cohesive unit.   Because of this construction, strand bamboo is remarkably hard, often between 2500 – 3500 on the Janka scale.   

In addition, the texture of this material is very different from its horizontal and vertical cousins in that the bamboo knuckles are not so obvious.  It offers a very interesting texture to the floor. 

It is still very important however to purchase this material from a reputable company.  Because strand bamboo has made its mark on the market we are again seeing it from every corner and for a variety of prices.  The harvesting, the adhesives used, the compression and curing of this material is very important to its overall performance so make sure that you talk to the experts before directing your clients.  In addition, because of the density of strand bamboo it acts much like a solid hardwood floor and attention to moisture and time for acclimation must be considered.
Amy Ramirez is the Design Center Manager at ReSource Floors and has been in the flooring business for ten years. ReSource Floors has provided the premier full service flooring experience since 1989. We promote sustainable business practices throughout our organization by taking a holistic approach to the environment and our goal of sustainability. We are proud to say that we recycle most of the carpet and pad we demo from job sites, we have two LEED accredited professionals on staff to assist our customers in eco projects and we offer a wide array of environmentally friendly products in our showroom.

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