Monday, October 15, 2012

SmartStrand: Performance From an Environmentally Friendlier Choice

By Amy Ramirez, Eco Committee Member
ReSource Floors, ASID Industry Partner

Happily environmentally conscious products have become big business.  The market has demanded that these options become attainable to the average consumer.  No more are we stuck with ecologically friendly products that are more expensive, less durable or design challenged. 

One new product is making a big wave in the carpet industry, SmartStrand by Mohawk.  Dupont, the company that gave us nylon in the 1930’s now makes the Sorona fiber which is sold under Mohawk’s name, SmartStrand.
So why is SmartStrand featured on an eco blog?  Because it is made in part with renewable material – corn.  37% of this fiber is made from renewable resources as opposed to petroleum ingredients.  In addition, in comparison with the production of nylon 6 yarn, this fiber uses 30% less energy to produce and emits 63% less CO2.  Production of seven square yards of 40 ounce SmartStrand carpet saves enough energy to equal one gallon of gasoline.

So one would imagine that you give up durability and stain resistance in order to reduce the environmental impact.  It is the exact opposite.  SmartStrand has the resiliency of nylon with the stain resistance and color fastness of polyester.  It legitimately wears beautifully.  In fact, Mohawk felt so confident in the performance that they invited Ricko the rhinoceros to live on it at this home in the Birmingham Zoo in 2009 for two weeks.  Because of the molecular structure of this fiber the stain and soil protection is built right in during manufacturing so it won’t wash, wear or walk off.  It also has wonderful colorfast properties that resist fading from sunlight exposure or UV light and ozone.
Obviously this is still a man made product however it is refreshing to see that technology in some cases can help our cause while still offering beauty and function.

Amy Ramirez is the Design Center Manager at ReSource Floors and has been in the flooring business for ten years. ReSource Floors has provided the premier full service flooring experience since 1989. We promote sustainable business practices throughout our organization by taking a holistic approach to the environment and our goal of sustainability. We are proud to say that we recycle most of the carpet and pad we demo from job sites, we have two LEED accredited professionals on staff to assist our customers in eco projects and we offer a wide array of environmentally friendly products in our showroom.

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