Thursday, July 12, 2012

ECOlogically Friendly Counters

By Ashley Myers
Cosentino, ASID Industry Partner

There are a great many beautiful solid surface counter options from which the design professional can choose.  However, there is a new philosophy which demands responsible consumption and being aware of our environmental footprint.   In this time of ecological awareness Cosentino has introduced to the market the leading eco-friendly surface. Eco by Cosentino has emerged within the past four years peeking interests in both residential and commercial specs.  This product embraces sustainability, design and quality in a new category of recycled surfaces. 
Eco by Cosentino is an original product manufactured from 75% recycled materials such as mirror, glass, porcelain, earthenware, and vitrified ash and 25% from a blend of quartz, natural stone, resin and pigments.   Its recycled content is both post consumer and post industrial and helps contribute 5-8 LEED points for LEED certified designs. Even 94% of the water used in the manufacturing process is re-used.
There are 10 beautiful colors in the Eco by Cosentino palette with 4 more being introduced this fall.  This product is low-maintenance for a long lasting surface.   It is non-porous, heat and scratch resistant and never has to be sealed with harsh chemical sealers.
Eco by Cosentino is a wonderful addition to the design community's arsenal for those interested in beauty and sustainability.
Cosentino has shown their commitment to the eco-friendly principal by using sustainable materials and developing a novel, ground breaking product: Eco by Cosentino. You can view this product at the Cosentino San Diego showroom.
9020 Activity Rd Suite C
San Diego, CA 92126